Hydrion Humidicator Paper


Hydrion Humidicator Test Paper is easily positioned on a wall, in a chamber or container, and may be left for protracted monitoring. When exposed to air, the Test Paper should be changed every 10 to 14 days for best results.

Hydrion Humidicator Test Paper measures relative humidity with distinct color changes at 20%-40%-50%-60%-80%. In the presence of moisture or water vapor, the test paper will change colors; from a deep blue at 20% relative humidity to a bright pink at 80%, with well-defined intermediate colors. The paper may be used to demonstrate the need for dehumidifiers in homes, offices, or storage areas considered at risk for high humidity. With the use of appropriate tables, the paper can also be used to estimate the dew point or frost point.

Each .5" X 50' roll of Hydrion Humidicator Test Paper in a jumbo sized dispenser will provide for more than 200 test strips and comes sealed in foil to guard against moisture. Also includes five(5) color charts.

Note: Contains cobalt

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